The RandoMatrix is Part of The SolutionMatrix

Originally posted on Randomatrix:
We have devised a methodology based on deep experience and best practices– business, management, operations, software, technology, web, e-commerce, marketing and social media–built around a “matrix” concept, to deliver successful implementations and fast return-on-investment (ROI) for our clients.  So, what is a matrix?…

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That the heck does R.I.M. stand for?

Well…the drawing below explains it all…? OK, if the drawing doesn’t have enough detail, or in case you didn’t know or recall, “R.I.M. is an old consulting and tech-speak acronym for “Rapid Implementation Methodology”…  To clarify and explain in more detail, it means: a consulting/services […]

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The Problem with the Process

Check out this humorous, but accurate cartoon, which relates to these DREAMIT methodologies: the SolutionMatrix (relationship/delivery) and the RandoMatrix (web/social). It’s all about your business process, the development process, and/or the process of implementing change…and sometimes there’s a problem with the process!  :) ~ The DreamiTeam

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Heartbleed Security Bug - Graphic / DREAMIT CO

Warning: Secure yourself against the Heartbleed Bug!

Dear Client and/or Friend, By now, you’ve probably about the big web and social media security bug, dubbed “Heartbleed” and affecting MANY of the web sites, and applications out there. Don’t sweat the details – simply put, “Heartbleed” is a loophole, a vulnerability, discovered last […]

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Twitter goes Visual | DREAMIT CO

The Power of Images (Twitter goes Visual)

If you are paying ANY attention to the social media or business news recently, you know that Twitter recently ran a “test going public” event, to see how they might fare in their planned, pending, imminent IPO.  I heard they came up with a likely valuation that made them pretty […]

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33 Minutes on 13th Street, NYC - remages

33 Minutes on 13th Street NYC

Originally posted on remages:
I sat there on the stoop, exhausted from moving one of my kids into a tiny NYC apartment, waiting for food to be delivered… I watched the people walk by, then observed their footwear, leg-wear, dogs-on-leashes, and walking style, with amusement…

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C57C1-121957 Mille MigliaFerrari 335 Sport; Collins/Klemantaski

180 MPH

Originally posted on Klemantaski Collection:
A drive in the countryside? Well, perhaps – but this drive was in the 1957 Mile Miglia, a race all around Italy on public roads in May 1957. In this sunny photo, taken by Louis Klemantaski, the Ferrari in which…

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DREAMIT CO - offices in the old Philips factory, Stamford, CT

Accountants Grow Even More Confident

The article/post on AccountingToday.com begins, “The profession’s confidence in the U.S. economy is growing even more strongly than before…”  Really??  Now THAT is certainly good news, and gives me confidence that the growth in our economy is really, actually, factually, finally happening! Why do we […]

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Brazil Flag Eye Image

Brazil is Complicated (and fabulous!)

Now we’ve gone and done it – we’ve succumbed to the allure and promise of doing business and having fun in Brazil!  To satisfy a client requirement (N.A. based) to expand internationally, DreamIT was engaged to provide Dynamics NAV ERP-based systems and services to facilitate and launch their business […]

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Dream - DREAMIT - Visionary Business Solutions

What’s in a Name?

DreamIT began as a technology, software and services company, but over the years–to satisfy client needs–we’ve extended our offerings to include web, e-commerce, social media and marketing services. Today our clients are online in one or many ways, with plans to do more online soon! And all of it begins […]

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DREAMIT - The Acronym Soup Table - Abbreviations for what we do!

Acronym Soup!

As you may have noticed (how could you not?!), the tech world is awash in jargon, lingo, languages, letters, numbers, texts, characters, codes, abbreviations, and initials – a veritable alphabet and acronym soup!  In fact, the phrase “information technology” itself is rarely used any more, having been […]

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